Slow Connection

If your broadband seems slower than usual, why not try the following:

- Make sure that your router is connected to the master socket

 - Make sure that any and all extension sockets that are in use have an ADSL filter atttached to them

- Powercycle (turn off and on) your router to ensure that it is in a fresh broadband session


Other factors that can affect your speed:

There are several other factors that can cause broadband to appear slow:

- Time of day. Congestion on the broadband network at peak times can make the connection slightly slower

- Extreme weather. Broadband works on the telephony network which is primarily made up of copper cables. Metal such as copper like many other materials can swell and shrink in cold weather and also be affected by wet weather in certain conditions.

- Wireless signal. Wireless signals works on radio frequencies normally on either 2.4ghz or 5ghz. Other devices such as baby monitors also use frequencies in this range which can affect the amount of data received. Distance from the wireless router and thickness of walls can also have an impact.




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